Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I don't usually hate, I hate hating people.
In my point, it shows that I care about the people that make me sick. That's why I don't hate.
Real hatred is not giving a damn.
That's why I don't usually hate.

I despise hypocrite people.
People who backstab their friends. Who said that they like something to some people & the other way to other people. Who are being fake. Who talks shit about people when they're way more, 100000 times more shitty than the words they said.

I despise girls who judge guys when they're the ones who suck every guys' dick. I despise girls who talks shit about other girls when they only have makeup & photo apps in their phones to make them pretty. Bitch.

I despise guys who judge how girls dress that could lose 'their respect' to girls when they're the ones who flirt any kind of girls just to bring them to bed. I despise guys who talks shit about how innocent they are & other people aren't good as they are when all they do is screwing girls & didn't able to control their dicks. Manwhore.

I hate negativity. But somehow, negativity is around me all the time. I've been quiet for some time but it won't stop & I can't stand that if I'm holding this to myself. I just want them to fucking shut their mouths.

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