Saturday, May 24, 2014


Yes, i am insecure. & do please, take your time reading this post because it's going to be long as heck & yeah, this is my longest opinion.

"I do not need someone who is extremely attractive,
work for abs & biceps,
that knows how to dress like i wanted,
owns good hair, jawline 
& rich because the face & the body doesn't matter, the heart is what matters the most.
As long as they know they're commited in a relationship, appreciative, accept a girl for who they are & being sensitive about a girl's feelings then that's fine."
"I do not need someone who is drop dead gorgeous,
have big pair of boobs,
always wear makeup,
dress with full branded stuffs
& (also) rich because all of that didn't matter. I don't need someone who worked hard on their appearance.
They didn't have to make a hard effort to impress anybody. Every girls are beautiful inside & out. As long as they know how to appreciate men, loyal, always there for someone they love, love a guy for who they are then that's enough."
All of that, they didn't work that way. Action speaks louder than words. Yeah, sure, some girls & guys who said that will open their hearts for someone who isn't perfect. That kind of people, are rare & i salute them for their sincerity.
But this is a fucked up world.
Appearance does matter.

Girls would say they didn't care but which one they would chase for?
A guy who doesn't look cute but intelligent, craze about games & know how to appreciate a girl or a hunk who knows how to work with the face & the words but a manwhore when it comes to girls?
They would chase the hunk one because they didn't know what's on the inside of that asshole. They would easily fall for the one who is attractive on the outside, not the inside.
They're looking for that 'wow' factor which is their biceps or whatever that made them turned on & make them proud for having someone who is more attractive. & yeah they can fall for a guy who is decent & unattractive too but it's unfair that this kind of guys have to worked hard & most of them at the end, they end up getting rejected.
I do feel sorry for those guys who 'finishes last' & to those girls out there that didn't open their blinded eyes for the 'less attractive' guys that appreciated them for who they are & overall beauty, not only for their 'assets'.

While boys would say girls shouldn't try hard on making effort to impressed the world, especially about the dressing & the makeup. That's bullshit.
There's tonnes of types of girls & to simplify things, there are two;
one who wears a sweatshirt, skinny jeans, no makeup & a messy bun when going out ('no exposed skin')
& one who wears tight shirts, shorts, makeup, boobs hanging out of their shirt & made their hair into wavy, long hair when going out ('too much exposed skin')
& things are obvious, which one guys would choose?
Yeah, they maybe said bad stuffs about girls who did the 'extra' effort but eventually they'll say "You're so gorgeous" on every of her pictures or ask for their number to girls like that.
No hate for the girls who dresses like that because different girls, different style, different personality. I respect & adore every girls' choice of styling if they're confident about it.
The guys are the ones who should realize that other kind of girls do need some effort to 'impress' or yguys made them feel that they're just some 'losers' or 'not a real girl' if they didn't. & if they do made an effort but still looking plain or whatsoever, don't push a girl to be someone that they didn't meant to be.
As a girl who doesn't dress like a normal girl with big boobs, i didn't feel sad but i do feel that it's unfair.

Idk what to continue with this post because i felt it went off topic at this ending but i am uncomfortable about this kind of topic.
I can say that i am picky, but but i won't say shit like "Looks doesn't matter at all, a great partner is someone who is kind & loving because the appearance & money won't make me happy" because they ARE pure dipshit & you could actually tell yourself that you're picky, & other people is picky too.
So stop with that statement & accept the fact that when you said that, you're actually giving false hopes to the 'unattractive' kind people & at the end, ruining their self-esteem.

It's not nice to be so so soooo picky & demanding, but it's extremely awful to be an ass by telling everyone that statement but at the same time, you're actually judging people by their looks.

You shouldn't be the one who judges a book by its cover, a judgemental freak to be precise.

Not only that, it's pretty rude if you did a big list of an ultimate, 'perfect' girlfriend/boyfriend & brag about it to everyone (yeah, EVERYONE especially the ones that wanted to know you more) because even if you know what you wanted, you'll actually be an asshole, with or without a purpose.

& just because you're more attractive from the others, doesn't mean you can be a total jerk fucker to those who doesn't live in the same level as you are.

Now you know why i'm insecure. These kind of people ruined my self-esteem too. But truth to be told, i'm not jealous. I am happy for who i am, but some girls/boys aren't.

Sounds like it's for everyone but no, i'm mad to those yg 'sembang' tak tengok orang by luaran padahal they're only realizing perempuan yg ada 'barang baik' or lelaki yang sebijik muka macam Andrew Garfield.

Relationships is about being attracted to someone that opens your eyes & immediately opens your heart when you get to know each other, not blinding the sight & closes your mind.

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