Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Who would?

Wassaaaap everybody in here, how's it going?
Damn this is so awkward for me to continue, I haven't update this blog for ages. People started to disappear from this blogging world & I think I'm going to use this blog for some reasons like; bored, got things to talk about which people don't really care, rants, complaints, rants, rants, & rants. As you can see, I'm starting to use '&' than the actual spelling (I meant 'and' lol) & wow, I didn't expect people to visit here (except the spambots about crappy business & whatever shit I received at my chatbox hahaha) since it's like... a ghost town in here.

It's almost the end of February & umm there's a lot of things going on from the past few months. Form 4 is such a pain in the ass & I really should start being serious with my studies but whoops, first exam is next week & I didn't revise anything.... yet. I've been selected to 4 Lukisan Kejuruteraan & it's like a blessing for me but I don't know if I'm worth it. Addmaths is not being nice to me, but I can cope with Chemistry & Physics a bit. I really really really need help in Addmaths, but I don't know laaaaaaaaaa I really need to overcome this problem before it's too late... oh well I should start studying now.

Since I didn't update for a long time.... there's a lot of things happened & these things are unexpected ahh well hidup ni penuh dengan kejadian-kejadian yang tidak dijangka so tak boleh nak buat apa laa kan? Even though macam takda orang baca blog ni, I really should tell everything. If korang rajin stalk my Instagram, my Twitter, my Facebook (sana pun dah macam ghost town), well... you shouldn't continue this post ha ha ha.

My PMR result?

Bahasa Malaysia    - A
Bahasa Inggeris      - A
Science                  - A
Mathematics          - B
Pendidikan Islam    - B
Sejarah                  - B
Geografi                 - B
Kemahiran Hidup   - B

Um I've expected a C for my Maths but Alhamdulillah I got a B instead (that is one of the little things that I'm proud of myself because it was unexpected) & I should stop talking about my PMR result since it was a long gone story & I'm here, suffering with my current subjects okay we should carry on

I look good in braces! (this is a long gone story too but hmmmm this is for those people who didn't met me in real life yet if ada lah orang macam tu heh whut whut ok ok) I started wearing braces on January, if I'm not mistaken. I have to visit the dentist monthly (now I'm waiting for my second check up) & well, wearing braces suck. I'm not wearing it for being attractive, I'm not wearing it just because it's like a trend now. My teeth are a bit crooked & it's like a distraction for me. I can't chew properly after the monthly service (bunyi dah macam service kereta) & the brackets always fell off if I chew my food aggressively (I did that if I'm starving je okay bukan selalu melahap pun). I can't wait to take it off, honestly.

My love life? Err............................... just forget about the things I've told you about this one guy in my previous posts (dah delete dah) ((if tak sempat baca, takpa. Tak rugi pun)) because we didn't talk to each other anymore & yeah he's a nice guy, he's way out of my league & I only knew him for a month. He found someone better (after he hooked up with me & he found her before I found mine) & I'm glad to know him. Really hope he's happy with his life now, wherever he is now.

Oh, how about me? Ahah, I found mine. I never expected this to happen actually, because we never talked even though we're in same school since primary school until present. He's my senior, his name is Hasnul. He's out of my league too... & people know him as 'the player'. I only knew him as my senior, I do heard a lot of stories about him dated my schoolmates & all but at that time, I don't even care. Because I know he would not even look at me, would not even want to know me. It's a shocking moment laa I meant aku pun fikir apa laa yang dia ni pandang dekat aku. And I used to think that someone sent him to me just to play a little game called 'Crush That Loser's Heart' (memandai je aku merepek en) but.... he's not even joking.

The way he asked me to be his girlfriend isn't that fancy or romantic like other people did to propose their crush or wtv because he wanted to keep us as a secret at the first place (which I don't why he would do that, negative things started to haunt my mind) & I don't know why he keep asking me to be his girlfriend (for a lot of times because I tried rejecting him for a couple of times) ((because tiba tiba dia ajak borak & we're friends for some days....)) but well look at us now? People were like putting bets on us, assuming that we will not be long, & telling I'm stupid because he's a douchebag or whatever lah I don't want to remember the bad stuffs. He may not be romantic, he may not treat me like someone special sometimes (I always keep in mind that 24/7 berlovey dovey sangatlah merimaskan, like me & my ex dulu. Hidup ni kita kena chill ok) but that's what makes us stick together. Call me stupid, call me dumb. 
But I would like to thank my friends that always care about me & I do accept their opinions. Some opinions lah. Sometimes I do feel the negative vibes around me, sometimes they do put me down. But at the romantic side of whatever, why should I ask for more when I really don't know how to feel the lovey dovey things anymore? To make things short, I'll just go with the flow. I love him, he loves me. If he really wants to play games on me, he would dump me now. He would not care what I'm doing now. He could be with someone else right now. Only Allah knows about both of us's inside stories. And I'm not here to talk about bad things about us. Stupid arguments, jealousy, all of it are just normal in relationships. Both of us are learning. Besides, baru sebulan. If everything that he did semua salah for you, just give him some time. If aku sendiri memaafkan dia, why some of you people pulak yang kecoh? People should just stop hating & assuming he's a bad guy just because of his pasts.

These things always running through my mind & thinking, why not expressing it out? I know, they do sound annoying. Then, I should stop here. Thank you for reading, hope & pray the best for me. Till my next post! x

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  1. You look like shit, Hasnul is literally a piece of shit, and I heard that you talk shit too. Kid, you're kinda brave to even say my name. Don't regret it later, that hero of yours aint gonna save your motherfucking hideous ass. Just wait little girl.