Sunday, December 9, 2012


Gambar curi. I know.

Wazzaaaaaap omg idk why I'm so fucking enthusiastic about this hamageeerd it's been a fucking while I didn't post like anythiiiing *gedik voice*. I am so speechless but at the same time I was like.. "I should update something like people care about what happened to my life before PMR, during PMR, after PMR, few months after PMR and this school holiday" like daaaaah I should. I should. And it's been a while, browsing the Internet and read other people's blog. I thought I would be lifeless after PMR but my computer broke down and exploded (it really does exploded ok) and I was frustrated because all of my pictures and stuffs are in that fucking computer (don't ask me if there's any porn in my personal files) and I had an Internet breakdown (depression, ideas can't be shared) so I was enjoying the school holidays like.... a lifeless kid. Sleep late, woke up late, eat, watch tv, bullshit.

Other than that, I went to some places jugak laa because it's school holiday kaan. But before that, I am lost of words. I'm blogging using mom's laptop now, and I am happy because before this, this laptop doesn't have Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla wtv fuck it is. Only Internet Explorer. You know kaaan that Internet Explorer is crap. Slow like hell, fed up I tau. And I ask my dad how to download since this laptop has a special password when downloading stuffs but then when my dad explains.... I was like..... OK. And here I am, petah bertyping!

I would like to update about everything. About my holidays, about my kitty!! (tak update pun pasal Eowyn so.. I should. I should.), about my life and other things lah kan. But not now lah, I am still excited so I'm gonna Tumblr-ing until I drop. Or webcam or wtv lah kan ^^ gonna conquer this laptop I DON'T CAREEEE.

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