Friday, August 31, 2012

I love my country!!

Kepada Malaysiaku yang tercinta,
The ancestors have fought for our country, lead to deaths and bloods, just for sake of their future sons & grandchildren.
I learnt almost all of Malaysia's history since I entered middle school (and will entering high school, which I will learn history about other countries and religion.) and I learnt a lot of things.
Betrayals, war & a lot of inhumanity occur 55 years ago. Communists & colonialists took a lot of sources from our country but at the same time, they taught us, Malaysians, to be wise and careful when doing any agreement with other people.
Thank you to the fighters who lost their lives, the fighters who are still fighting, Ministries then and now, for bringing up Malaysia back, for making Malaysia a peaceful country.
I'm one of the kids in the new generation, will make something for this country, even though it's a small thing.


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