Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Monsters inside us."

It's already March! Okay, it's kind of late to talk about it. It's already 8th March..... actually I don't know what to talk about in this post. Oh this Saturday until Thursday, I'll be going to Bali! It's my father's company trip for this year and for last year too, I think? I'm looking forward to this trip, it's going to be awesome! Rather than doing nothing and 'reset' my sleeping pattern at home... I'll enjoy sunny sunset at the beach with barbecued fish on my plate :>

But before this dream come true, I'm in my reality, finishing my exams. I've kicked Bahasa Melayu's ass, went kung-fu and beat Sejarah and English, went through Pendidikan Islam, killed Mathematics (but he's alive..) with my bare hands and beaten Science.. in Tekken! But I think I'll be not satisfy with the results since I'm doing revision in last minute. Look at me now, I should go open up Geografi and Kemahiran Hidup books for tomorrow but no, I'm blogging. I'm watching Sucker Punch trailers in YouTube. I'm breathing oxygen, not oxygen plus education! And I think I'm in love with One Direction. Okay, I will not fangirling about them.. because I love their music and I don't know anything about them! Don't get me wrong.

I'm in love with Sucker Punch even though I didn't got the chance to watch it.

I've got comments from my friends, and they said it's boring. I don't take their words like that without watching it first but I loooove this movie when I watched it's trailer.

I really need to find the Blu-Ray dvd of this movie. Like, pronto.

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