Sunday, February 26, 2012

This isn't fair.

"Walk a thousand miles just to see her, see her.
But she's far far away & I'd do anything just to see her face. 
But she's far far away.. walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again."

Bak kata Directioners; "Vas happenin?"
I've always wanted to use that hehe hi there, people in front of the monitor. As you can clearly see, I'm having an emotional breakdown. Until now. Now. I wish I can run away to Amazon forest where people can't find me and got suck and die by a huge mosquito. What if I had the chance? I can see who's gonna miss me. It's because there's no one missing me! Get it? Hahahaha fuck logic, I'm just a pathetic little girl.

The exams is just around the corner, and so does S.O.X. All-Stars Drum & Dance. Yay or nay? I don't actually is the date of the competition but I've heard it's on March. I DON'T KNOW! But whatever happens,  with all my efforts - I'll try to stay strong. It's 97's batch's year kaan? Remember about PMR? Yeah, scares hell out of me and I'm still here, typing junks.

A random fact about me; all the pain that I've gained from exercising and the cheerleading stuffs makes me forget all those things that brings me down. I guess... I like pain? The bruises, the sprained ankle. To short these words; I LOVE PAIN. But I meant the small pains so... yeah. Nuff sayin.

Actually, I'm out of ideas what to say. Maybe you have to buy me a cone of Baskin Robins' ice-cream? Loljk, I'll write sooner or later. Bye!

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