Sunday, March 18, 2012

A trip to remember. - Day 1

Assalamualaikum and hi! Since I'm under the weather, I will not try to talk much. I'm having a serious case of flu, asthma and cough like a frog. So pray me to get well soon! And I also skipped yesterday and today's cheer practice, I'm hoping that they're not mad at me since they put high hopes on me :'/ sorry for the drastic condition, my beloved squad :( Back to the main topic, from last Sunday until last Thursday, I went to Bali with my dad's staffs and family. Most of them brought their children along so the trip was cheerful.

We woke up very early than usual time. 5 in the morning, something like that? We went to my dad's office, meet the others and straight to the airport. Late. Because we waited for some people and yeah, but not too late. Whatever it is, we're at the airport on time.

Look at the 6-7 a.m. scenery. Nice.
Having breakfast while watching airplanes departure.
This store reminds me of someone :')
I didn't sleep on the plane, I'm enthusiastic! I played Temple Run while eating, eat eat eat until arrived at the Denpasar airport. Now, let me bring the Bali aura to you. (ceeeeeh! Don't face palm me)

We got those flower necklace and it looked very fancy lol :3 but the smell... too fragrant. After we arrived, a guy with Hawaiian shirt introduced himself and he was our tour guide. Blahblahblah, we went to a restaurant for lunch while our big bags have sent to the hotel.

I'm starving on that time.
Ni namanya..... um jap tanya ayah dulu.
Then, we went to this temple. Ok I'm suck at remembering name of some places that I've never been before. and I've kept delaying this post so let's put some pictures with captions only, shall we? And I'm still sick, remember? So I'm not in the mood of telling stories.


Okay this pills for flu is drowsy. Part 2 will coming soon! Stay tuned.

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