Thursday, January 26, 2012

Suck my guts.

What's going on in here? Hey I've added a new music player on the bottom of my blog and there's some songs that I've picked and put it as a playlist. So if you don't like the current music playing, just click the next button. If you don't have your fav song.... I'm sorry! You can see the songs' name//what's in the playlist at the 'Heroes who expressed my feelings through music' page. And if you don't hear it, simply pump up the volume from the playlist and if you still can't find your volume, turn up your volume of your computer's speakers. Hope you like it as much as I do! :> thank you, SCM Music Player and YouTube!

Damn I miss The Wheels. The music who blew my mind away while I'm skating with my friends, the sound of our laughter when we take our break. The tension that we released at the atmosphere, the sadness that goes away by the wind of our movement. The pain that we've been through is gone through the falls and bruises. The cash that we've spent is worth for it. Burned a lot of cash $$ and act like a boss. Even though it's just a disco skating place but people like me can appreciate it. And I even make some new friends (yeah, right..) and meet some people. So that proves I'm not an anti-social type of gal who hates the society. Yipee. I really want to go there with Rasyid but... nevermind.

Am I still a kid? Some people called me this and it offends me. I'm just surviving this world with an open mind and yes, I still don't understand about reality. I'm still living with a caring parents (plus my very annoying sister) and I feel loved. I don't have a job (if the government allow 15 years old kids work at the fast food outlet, well COUNT ME IN!), I don't have money. It proves that I'm under my parents' supervision. That doesn't mean I'm a spoil brat. Yeah, my dad always said if I want anything, just tell him. But I'm avoiding that to happen because I've always wanted to try to be independent. Even though he said like that, he always make me work hard for it. Like studying and prove to him that I'll never give up. But I don't want like that. That's desperation. Desperation for stuffs. Not sincerely to have knowledge if I'm acting like that. I don't know what I'm talking about right now but, if you know what I meant, well thank you very much. But please don't call me a kid. Not by my physical appearance. In a mentally way, calling me like that is just bullshit.

By this post, I'm desperately need money to buy stuffs by my own. Just to make me satisfy. Hey, everybody does having this kind of dilemma, right? Okay I should stop this crap out. Got to go!

Au revoir! x

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