Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smells like oranges.

Assalamualaikum and hello there! Ahh it's been a while since I didn't tell rants and complains about my life. Busy with school, of course! I don't have the time to open the computer and log in and stuffs. My first day of school is okay, and I'm now a morning session student. Well, it's cool. The teachers aren't mean like what I have expected. My classmates were also incredibly awesome. Even though they're quiet and I'm the only one who laughed like a donkey with my fellow besties. But I can't hold on with the homeworks. Makes my brain dysfunctional.

What's up with your life so far? Pretty neat? Going down a little harder? Mine's in between. "Okay, here we go again." By the way, my homeworks are really fucked up so I'd better get going. I don't have the idea to talk about! *cries cries cries* See yaa laterzzz. *cries and make disappointing faces*

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