Friday, January 27, 2012


I can't believe I've found my 'friend' on Twitter! Well he's not really my friend but I knew him because 4 years ago, he's a new kid in school (we're Standard 6 back then) and he's a nerd. A cute nerd and some kids mocked him, used him as a joke but my friends and I thinks he's cute....... hahahaha with his bowl-shape hair and he's quiet omg but now he's kind of cool. His name is Fawwaz. Yeah maybe my friends still remember about him. Fawwaz, if you're reading this then don't bangga sangat tau. We're one of your black history and dark past~ ceh!

Well, got to go. Itu je yang aku nak cakap sebenarnya. Random... ciao! x

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