Wednesday, December 14, 2011


2012 is around the corner and I'm sorry for lack of updates lately. I'm completely stuck in a lot of situations and vacations. Frankly I've been avoiding social networks because I didn't have a lot of time, insignificant problems, small matters, and whatnot. Yes, if you insists to know; I have problems with my love life. Yup, but it's not that important. We'll be alright if there's anything happened. I can't believe that I have said this. Hmm.

2011 sucks. Sucks rotten eggs and drink a glass of lumpy milk for brunch. But yet there's a lot of hell fun on their way to change 11 to 12. I would thank 2011 for making me happy for only 48% over 100. Omg what am I crapping about. I'm excited for the new year come. Honestly. But I definitely not excited about being a PMR candidate. No, no, no. And now, a new thing will be on my schedule. Cheerleading. Haaa so here's the story. Adria asked me to be in my school's squad. I'm a bit nervous and yes, I must be nervous. Met new people, and the first day of training, I've picked as a flyer. Y'know, the one who's being picked up and make stunts and all that? Yeah, I know I'm small but I have frights. Fear of all tall places. Wow. And I'm hard to collaborate with the dance steps and I'm not flexible. They said that it's okay but for me, it's not. I'm scared, what if they don't like me because I'm hard and I'm not east to flex? How?.. and I'm embarrassed because some of the juniors were quicker than I am O.o there's an awkward moment though.

That's not all, I'm nothing. I didn't know how to make any styles like cartwheel, or star jumps until you can touch your toe, or high jumps. I'm working hard for reaching it. I'm working hard for being flexible. I will not give-up. For my school. I accept the offer because first, I face the fact that I love watching cheerleading. So fun, so confident. Second, they have problems with numbers of the team. So maybe..... they need someone or me. Maybe.

Forget about it. It's my problem! I'm not being active lately, I'm a lazy-ass, not like others. They're active, they dance and everything. Ahhh insecurities.. but I love them. Seriously :') and now I have cramps. It's been a while! Yeah, I'm that lazy. I didn't jog, so maybe after this I'll be active for cheerleading. My mom also courage me to enter the squad before. Because she wants me to be more feminine, more active, more confident. And she will support me and the squad. She also said that I need more nutrition and she will join my healthy lifestyle. Okay I'll stop.

The truth is, I'm excited. I'm excited to be active again. That's all. I don't think about other things.
Oh by the way, tomorrow I'll be going to Subang Parade with my gegurlz to watch Shaheizy Sam's new movie. I didn't know much the title is but it's going to be awesome. I wish Rasyid can come so I can treat him some popcorn and the movie ticket for pay back the drama that I have cause to him. And for saying that I'm sorry for everything. And for saying that I love him. *deep sighs*

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