Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HTML Tutorial #1

Hi! I feel like sharing about things that people should know. Well some of you bloggers want your YouTube player plays your favourite song again if it's over and if your reader is stopping by at your blog for a long time. Yeah, I'm meaning by looping your YouTube player. You don't have to search a device that will automatically loop your player. Like Music Dumper or MixPod or something like that (these players sometimes doesn't have your favourite song and sometimes the sound is quite bad, right?). If you use YouTube player and necessarily want to loop your song, so here's the place!

Okay first, take your favourite song's HTML code from YouTube (don't make any changes from the embed box, we'll change it later). I've choose my fav song. It looks like this;

Then go to your Dashboard > Design.
After that, put the copied code to your HTML box. Like this! ;

Then, simply copy this code;

And put it behind the YouTube URL in the HTML code (follow the bold one and if the URL has a question mark in it, put the code before the question mark);



Can you see it? Now you're done! But there's one more. In The HTML code, you'll find another one like above. So there's two URLs. So you have to put the loop code that I have given to both URLs. Just in case :)

Plus, you have to change some things. So, it's the next step. Don't skip this! Or your player won't work.

You must find 'version=3' in your HTML code. It also have two of the code. Then, change it to 'version=0' so you'll have the simple player without any disablement. Both of it, must change it. Can't find it? The picture above has it. Good luck on that!

Next and the last one is, change the size of your player. The current size is 'width="420" height="315"' so you have to change it into 'width="235" height="25"' or you can change it with the size of your choice.

And you are done! Before that, test it. If you have problems, ask me okay?

By the way, if you're using this tutorial, make sure you use it with my acquaintance. I've worked hard for this haha. If you feel that this tutorial is useful, share this! :)

I know some of you guys want to loop your YouTube player so I did this tutorial for the needs. And some of you didn't want to annoy your readers with the same song. But I appreciate if you are reading this tutorial! It's my first tutorial :)

Thank you!

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