Friday, December 16, 2011


Last night was crazy! Twitter is being stupid by making a fake rempit as their trend and I would blame people who brought him up. Yes I'm freaking jealous with that fag because of his fakeness. Lol-ed, I was just joking. Apit, I hate you. Yesterday, me and my fellow friends went to the cinema to watch Songlap. It's freaking boooring. Not worth of buying 10 ringgits for the ticket. Thank you Shaheizy Sam for making that movie less boring. Then, we have our lunch at Pizza Hut and after that we straight to The Wheels. I've spend 85 ringgit for their tickets including me so yeah, I'd feel the blessings from my friends hehe (Y) First time rollerblading! Seriously, eventhough I'm not the pro and at that time I've hoped that I'll fall but it turned out perfectly. I didn't fall, I've learned to balance myself and yes, it's fucking awesome. Next Wednesday, we'll go there again!

Enough about yesterday, today I'm doing some stretchings and piano practices. Piano class starts tomorrow and I'll be dead. Because of what? I didn't text the piano teacher about my vacation and she was mad for not mentioning her about that. I didn't text her because I thought ayah's going to text her since I've lost her number. But then........ she texted me about that day's class when I was at Beijing. ahh what a regret.

Hmm. But a thing that have made my day was received a compliment from Tumblr about this blog. Ahh thank you readers, I was hoping that this blog will be not a train wreck :') *virtual hug for everybody that reads this blog from A to Z* I love you guys!

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