Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey hoooooo it's Thursday midnight slash morning already!! Yesterday went to The Wheels with... oh you didn't know what is it? It's a skating hang out spot, err it's like disco skating. Alaaah you what is it. Rollerblades, rollerskates, like the movie Whip It? Yeah, like that! But it's not a competition okay? Oh my god, I love that fucking movie. Okay, continue. I went there with Filzah, Hanis, Huda, Tasha, Wan, Alma and Deeya. Yeaaah today, we took the place down bebeeeh. We arrived there like, 11:54 a.m.? Tak ramai gila duhh. Then, a pack of people came there and stole our spotlight. Ceh. Alma taught me to skate and it went purrrfectly even though I have fall for like, almost 10 times? Thank god I'm a fast learner.

For a while, I'm skating alone since Alma knew I can do it by myself. Because of that, I've hit a stranger. Cute stranger, though. My heart sank and the guilty thoughts coming through my mind like a... rabbit? Ok whatever. I can't get up and he lend his hands. I'm too nervous to say thanks or sorry, I went off to another place. Sorry stranger! :'s

Thanks Alma, for teaching me! I really need a pair of in-line skates.... okay seriously I'm too excited to accept the fact that I can skate, while dancing. Excited gila dengar lagu We Found Love and Champagne Showers masa skating. But it's the best when go skating with your girls for a day. Ahh what a day.

Oh, gtg. My dad dah suruh tidur. Sorry, guna bahasa rojak pula post ni. Nak cepat :s Bye loves xx

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