Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Go off the deep end.

Honest time. I miss being an innocent person. Being antiquated. I miss the fact that I used to wake up early and have breakfast with my family after I wash my teeth. After that, watch morning junior cartoons to jump-start my day before going to the agama school (if it's on weekdays). But that's 5 years ago. Things getting harder, complicated. I think that makes me change. I can't go back. I can't cry to make it go back. Frankly, that made my mind swirling and melancholic. Sadness brings over my whole soul. But things like this are meant to be. Some people didn't realize this. Since I'm not like other people, maybe I can aware this kind of small things. Thank god I have my family, my boy, my friends. And I'm lucky to be a Muslim, for teach me about patience, pleased with everything. Maybe Allah should open my heart that was full of sins. Ya Allah.

Hey, it's raining lately. What a miracle to have a gloomy day to inspire in everything.

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