Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's like a ghost town in here. Sorry for being an invisible alien lately.

Let us start again, shall we? Hello, people who actually read my blog. I was busy, with school (a lot of projects, teachers nagging and absolute 100% infront of books. Smelling book is kind of fun!) and my personal life. I've became 14 on 13th July! Kind of an old story right? But who cares, I'm nobody. Thank you to Filzah, Hanis, Huda and Kamilia for bought me a beautiful present! I am really appreciate it ;')

Hey right now on tv, it's Chelsea vs. Malaysia. Why's player number 10 in Chelsea come to Malaysia? He's an Israel people, people! He gets a lot of boo's from my country. Why?! He should not come to Malaysia. Okay cut this crap out, I'm just freaking out.

How's my normal peoples going? I'm weird, as usual. I'm into books lately and play the piano. I didn't have time to update this and spend my time with social networks. And I've met a lot of new peoples in my school. A friendly hello to them! Aaaaand I miss my friendzz who recently ignored me. What happened to you guys? Most of them have changed. I miss the old you, I miss the old us. Please don't act. Hate me? Just tell me. Hmm.

You've watched this movie? Fantastic. I should read it's book, just in case the book is more interesting. And I need some money $$ because I have a list which is a list of requisite. If that's the case I need to have a job. Car washer, or gardener. Or a part-time typewriter at my dad's office! Or sell some of my crap on EBay. 
Okay that's ridiculous. I hate school, obviously. The annoying teacher(s) and the strict school regulations. But I have a kick-ass time with my friends, that's for sure. 
Even though kind of lonely at school but I'm grateful for what have happened at school.
Am I boring right now? I have lost my imaginations and creativity, plus lost of topics to say. I'm talkative on Twitter, so drop by there and say hello!

Roger out, peeps.

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