Tuesday, December 23, 2014

-yeah this is a voice-out kind of post-

Hey people who is actually reading this, thanks for stopping by!

I decided to blog something at this time moment (it's almost 3 in the morning & i'm still wide awake due to the fact that i just arrived Malaysia two days ago from Istanbul & having slipped time management or jet lag wtv they called) & yeah i'd like to have this opportunity to just let things out from my mind.

So tonight, basically i was being 'attacked' by some anonymous on my ask.fm (duh is it necessary to make ask.fm as some kind of negative third party for people to diss some particular person just because we can 'hide' our identity, grew some balls boys & girls jeez) & yeah it's pretty normal for me & other people to receive hate.

Some of you already told me to ignore & just delete it but hey, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself & maybe for some people that has the same problem i had but couldn't speak up? I reply most of them for defending, not for publicity, & i'm sorry if yguys thought i'm like that.

I've been received hates from the time i started to know my interests, from the time i dated someone pretty well-known in school, from the time i broke up with him until now (they can't leave my butt out from my ex issues huh?) & basically, everything that i did.

But now, tonight, things are going way too far.
This one ask i received, it started like so fucking sexual & harsh, saying "does your vag have a clit? Idk about you being a pengkid & all but try to rub it, you'll feel it" something like that but more rude.

Then this anon started to judge me by the way i dress, especially my hair. I dont know if it's the same anon but that really shows his (or her) stupidity.

Let me break this into tiny little pieces, dear anon or anyone who against me & easily judge girls who cuts her hair really short & dresses other than girls who know to work with girlish style.

1) open up your shallow mind. Yeah, some girls might be a pengkid or date girls & act like a dude. There must be a reason why they changed like that. But you can't easily judge girls who just cut off her long hair. Everyone has their reasons. Kau macam tak pernah ada reason, kalau takda tu kau memang tak living your life right.
2) i'm not supporting any kind of gay cases but if you need to give advices in whatever pun lah not about religion ke apa, make it nicely. No ones gonna eat up your words if you're being a dickhead yourself.
3) do make a research about girls. Do research about ANYTHING before you open up your mouth or type whatever. Every vagina has a clit. Jangan tunjuk bodoh kau walaupun kau tu anon.
4) i cut my hair because i like to try out something new & i've been wanting to cut my hair since long time ago. Aku terus cut my hair because my parents allowed me, my friends accepted it & my boyfriend loves me still.
5) that doesn't mean i wanted to be a boy eventhough i dressed so simple & boyish. But that doesn't mean i wanted to be a fucking boy.
6) jangan ada hati nak cakap aku bodoh sebab dress like a boy & benda tu salah bagai when kau start the stupidity by sending me sexual harassment messages.

I'm not too offended about it but i am sick, so sick seeing a lot of girls nowadays who cut their hair short are receiving hates about it, being judge sama ada "kau tu pengkid" or "kau depressed eh", "asal kau tak botak je terus?", "i hate seeing you short hair, kau tak feminin langsung", "you're not going to be a girl kalau rambut kau pendek macam tu" & "lelaki takkan pandang kau kalau kau rambut pendek" & worst about it? Receiving all of this through shitty third party hate-sending devices that could hide your names like ask.fm.

Hair on your head can be grow out again. I can grow my hair balik & 'pleases' the society but no, i can grow my hair again whenever i wanted to. I can either cut it again if i fucking wanted to. The other girls can do it as well, as they pleases, ikut suka diaorang. We don't even want anyone's attention, this is our choice.
But your mentality? Your dick for dissing me & the other short-haired girls? Nothing can grow that out if you chose to stay as a shallow dickhead & diss everyone in your sight.
Senang cerita, i can wear hijab sooner or later, for myself. Not to please people.

Pasal rambut kena potong pun nak jadi isu. Don't you have your own life to take care of?

I know this issue won't stop but atleast i've voiced it out. Thanks for reading.

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