Thursday, May 15, 2014

You are not nice.
You screw people off & you show no sympathy.
Sympathy? That's just for you to get chances.
Opportunitist fucker.
You did not support, you did not happy for someone
but instead, you push them down.
Drown them, kill them.
You are capable of doing anything but you are negative to yourself.
You think anyone can't defeat you in everything.
You are mean, the big bad wolf.
Whenever you feel intimidated, you will try to manipulate them.
Control them & then ruin them,
tear them into pieces,
just to avoid them get into your way.
You think you are better than anyone else?
You are just like other people in this world.
Wake up, we are all the same.
But it was you, yourself, that downgraded you.
Wake up, you're being a bitchy asshole.
You are not alone.
You are not everything in this world.
Wake up.
Change, or fucking stop talking to people.
Because you are not nice.
You are horrible.

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