Friday, January 31, 2014

"Gambar kau dgn dia dkt Instagram dh tkda. Korang dh break ke?"
"He erased your name from his bio dkt Twitter, kau pun sama. Korang dh tkda pape ke?"
"Asal dh tk dgr cerita psl korang? Dh break?"

Ahh, that assumptions. That kind of questions. Nothing but a pain in the ass, to be extremely honest. Where should i start eh on this post? Yeap, it is cute that someone shares about how well their relationship; via Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram........ on everything. Even blogs, like me.
I'm not saying that it's totally fine to feel 'you should brag about your relationship 24/7' kind of thought, instead some people love to hide it from public but to myself, when i have someone i love i'm proud to have a guy who actually loves me for who i am & it's not wrong to share some pictures or videos about how cute he is (since he is mine so...) but depends on people, some of them didn't like to show off often. Maybe they posted a picture of them together with their partner but after a few days, they removed the picture.

Maybe they had a problem, or just plain 'for the sake of my own boredom' or 'maybe i should remove this & later i'll post more'. It's cool, lain lain org lain lain cara kan? But things started to be bad when some people assumed that they broke up.
I mean yeah, some of the couple maybe not succeed on holding things up but not every couples. I started to get questions like that since i deleted almost everything from my social networks & some people who cared (i dont think they cared, maybe some of them just being busybody or some shit) asked me if i'm fine or whatever after they assumed i broke up with someone i really love. Yes i am fine, maybe i had a problem or maybe I don't but seriously, some people who assumed i broke up with my boyfriend before asking really should just ask privately or whatsoever. But eventually things fell apart & we broke up. Moving on!

I do love posting something about my relationship because just like i said, i'm proud (but not being so proud like, bad kind of proud tu idk mcm mna nk explain) but i just don't want things like that to be a burden to my boyfriend (when i have one, lol). I have to respect his decision on being just totally humble (as long as no third party or anything involved) & it's normal for couples to argue & all until decided to not share things like that when some of them not really in a stable point.

To make things short, someone's relationship doesn't have to be under a spotlight and everybody's attention 24/7. When they tend to delete posts about their relationship, doesn't mean they are over. No one knows about their status more than they do. No one knows how far they went or what they have been through. You know nothing about them, about him and her, about me & stuffs. And things that they know, that i know, between the one that we love, are not 24/7 your matter.

Same goes to the people who said some couples aren't really looked like they are together just because they didn't look suitable together or they act like asshole to each other outside. You don't know how far their love went except themselves. They only share what happened between each other to closest friends and family or maybe they kept things to themselves. Stop making bad assumptions about couples. Stop making them feel bad. Stop spreading bad rumors. Just... stop and let them judge their own relationship.

p/s: updated this since i got through the huge break up but this is still thoughts from my mind & sort of a friendly reminder to those yang tersangat sangatlah busybody

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