Friday, May 10, 2013

I miss you.

I miss your smiles.
Because they make me feel calm whenever I saw them
and make me feel very glad if I know they're for me.

I miss the sound of your laughs,
it maybe sounds goofy to you but to me,
it's like a good tune that echoes at the back of my mind
whenever I want to remind myself
how happy you are, with or without me.

I miss the way you look at me
whenever I caught you doing it,
no matter how far or how near we are.

I miss the times when you just talk
& tell me everything.
Facts, stories, or even random sounds you make.
I don't care if it's funny or sad,
I don't even feel tired hearing all of it
even if you already told me about it
long time ago.

I miss the way you hold me,
long hugs, the cuddles or even just holding hands,
the tight grip that says
"I will never ever let you go.",
even if you did not realize how deep it means to me.

I miss being teased by you. Playful ones.
I maybe looked like I'm annoyed
but sometimes
you can't trust my reaction.

I miss your kisses.
Especially the soft ones.
Even a peck on one of my cheeks before I sleep,
or just an emoticon in our texts,
it will always make my day and night
everytime I imagine the feeling after being kissed.

I miss those little things you did.
Like the jokes you told & you said it wasn't funny,
like the way you talk about yourself
& how was your day,
like the way you sing,
or even the way you text me randomly.
There's more of them, if only I can list them all & I love every single one of them.
Even if it's so little
until you feel like I'm ridiculous.

Reminding myself about these things

will always make me feel fine after a rough day
& I will sleep peacefully
if I started to think about you & the little things I love about you
before I went to bed.

No one can ever make me feel this appreciative about someone like you do,
even if you didn't ask me to care, even if you ever think that I didn't even care.
But I do care, I do realize everything about you,
the way you walk, the way you talk.

Even sometimes not having you by my side saddens me
but nothing can make me feel more sad
than realizing that I won't feel all of these things again
when one of us left each other,
when the day comes.

But for now, when I still have the time, the chance
I just wanted you to know
that I miss you.
Only you.


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