Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Went missing.

HOMAIGAD I've been missing like I’ve missed my teddy bear since I was 10! People started to ask and ask about updating this blog and when, so most of my answers are “I have no idea.” or “Oh now you care about it?” or even “Mmmhm, soon.” and the truth is, things happened lately and all of my ideas of posting something here has messed up. Now I have the courage (courage? L-O-L), let’s do this.

First thing I want to tell since we’re still in July… I’m fifteen now! My birthday is on 13th July and today is, oh.. 14th August. Ohkaaay we’re far back from that day so let’s move on, shall we?... but yeah HUUGE thanks to those who wished me on Twitter, Facebook and sort of like that. Oh and my family, friends, new friends, silent haters, homos, and my pets, thank you too! And the presents (even though the amount of presents isn't like past few years and for your information, the amount of presents that I have received were decreasing since I was 13. Age factor, I guess....) are super cute and and I thought of showing you guys the presents but I didn't have time to take pictures of it :( thank you Nazurah, Raja, Adria, Filzah and the gurlzz for the presents, my hommies for made my birthday even special and even my dad's staffs Kak Ummu and Abang Hafiz for brought me to IKEA just to eat meatballs and having cakes!

Second thing I wanna bring up is, today is 25th day of fasting. Time flies so fast and yeah we're counting down 'till Eid! But still, I'm kind of sad because Ramadan will leave us in a few days and serious though, I didn’t have the excitement of celebrating Eid this year. Because why….? PMR. It’s killing me and my trials’ results sucks. I didn’t have an A at all, but Alhamdulillah my Maths paper went a bit higher than this year’s mid-term exam. A bit je weh, naik beberapa peratus je still dalam D gak pfft. Anyways, I have 55 days ‘till PMR. 55 days, bro. 1 bulan lebih. And I’m scared (even though people who has already went their PMR days said it’s nothing) because my Maths didn’t improved as I was expected and I’m hoping for B in Maths for PMR. So………. I need to push myself but fdkshfwdjkvbsdb I don’t know what to say.

There's a lot of thing happened after the last post I've updated and now I know how tough my life was. I’m not going to say what happened for a few months and all but I could say that I’m much stronger now. Allah is testing me with all kinds of sumption and I took all of them with helps from my friends and family. And I'm grateful. For everything that Allah gave me.

That's it for today. Gtg, iftar already! Happy Fasting (padahal nak habis lol) and Happy Eid! Until next time xx

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