Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a lovely day to be 'happy'.

This is yesterday's post. Sort of out of schedule hehehe

It's Saturday and I've did a lot of things today. Yeah, things that productive. Yeah.
Sekolah ganti kena datang. Kehadiran dikira. Wajib. Blahblah I only came to school today because sleeping at home is kind of boring on a beautiful windy Saturday. So I went to school and there's only like, less then 70 students came and there's a lot of teachers that didn't come to school either (termasuklah guru kelas aku yang sepatutnya ambil kehadiran tetapi dia ingat murid-murid dia malas nak datang sekolah... haktuihh) so I felt a lil bit of regret at first but it's okay, I've got the chance to watch Dato Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar's dvd for free hihi. After that the teachers let us wandering around the school so me and Nazurah decided to join our friends hanging out at the open hall. Some of them were used to be my classmates. We took photos and definitely, I miss them.

Then after school, I rushed to Yamaha section 9 because me and my sister have to perform a song that we've learnt. To cut things short, my turn is early and I've messed up a little bit. But it's my first time performing for Yamaha, but it's still embarrassing because my sister nailed everything well. We heard others played the guitars, violins, drums. I can't believe some of the guitarists were in my Facebook friends list lol they looked different.... and all of them is cool. And we've got ourselves a certificate. And a free gift. Then I met AJ. He's my one of my best buds from primary and I think I was too excited when I see him.

They're cool and I can't believe one of them were in my following on Twitter lol

He's thin now. Dulu comel bulat je masa sekolah rendah hihi :>

After all of this, I went home and tried to sleep but my annoying sister forced me to watch Running Man with her. Then, viruses came to invade my body. Earlier this morning, I had a bad sore throat and now I have flu. Ugh I have cheer practice tomorrow and I have to do the twist cradle. Fuck.

Don't you realize that I have a lot of guy friends? Don't get me wrong.... I'm always awkward when I'm around beautiful girls and Shah Alam's full of beautiful girls. Sighs.

Sorry for the low quality pictures. Used my phone to take pictures since my camera's charger was lost. Maybe it was used to play skipping by some unicorns of mine. Stupid unicorns, I gave them too much Skittles.

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