Saturday, April 7, 2012

Don't do anything stupid okay?

Alone; An emotional feeling you get when you feel that there is no one there to support you or, sometimes, love you.

Lonely; A feeling that is indescribable to those who have not felt it, and needs no description to those who have. That desolate feeling of being left out, left behind, and being all alone forever. This not only applies to love (though they bring the strongest effect) but also major life changes - graduation, deaths, etc.. It is the hole that appears in your heart, which cannot be filled by your efforts alone. In such a case, crying occurs and is often encouraged as it heals the soul. Example: "I want to be with her forever, but I know the day is coming where we'll never see each other again."

Some people didn't know how pain it is. Some people think it was disgusting because of their friends being so emotional because of this. Some people think this is fucking ridiculous, and menyampah gila dengan orang yang tengah down macam ni. This is because; they didn't feel like this yet. Or they're just some cold-hearted zombies who always think about themselves. If you feel like all above, please - don't. Or just don't show your 'disgusted' face or the 'oh-I-don't-fucking-care-about-that-actually' face when your friends have this kind of stories because you're the one who asked them why they looked so gloomy that day.

For the loner-feeling kids, you guys deserve to be and to feel loved every time. I'm saying this because I'm having this kind of 'disease' for 24/7 and it's sucks. I mean, I feel I'm invisible and only some people can see me and knew me well. People like me is rare, beautifully rare. I admit. I can love a human in such short time, I can make a person feel loved even thought they didn't make me feel like that, I'm helplessly romantic. For short, I'm a fucking unicorn. People who have same feelings like me right now is a fucking unicorn. Yes I'm being serious *gives magical horns to invisible people like me*. And even though I'm sad because my boyfriend dumped me because of some stupid reasons (and he lied to me), but my friends told me that he is blind and hoping that he will feel wasted for leaving me just like *snapping fingers* that (and at first, I think it was wrong).

He's the one who wasting his time (even though he's the one who wasted my money) because he's the one who flirted me when he's with his ex. He's the one who wasted because letting go a unicorn like me. Guys like him are just.... wasting their everything to girls like me. Seriously. Hope he's happy... when he realized that he's wrong for comparing girls and switching, played girls' fragile hearts.

Okay, stop talking about unicorns. Back to the topic. Even he did all that and I know he's wrong, I still feel lonely and feel unloved. I miss being called cute names like 'sayang'. This is why I feel lonely. When I'm madly in love, people were being single and they're happy. But when I'm single, almost all girls that I know have their partners that always make them feel beautiful, happy, loved. Hoping that I found someone exactly like him (because he's my dream boy, he has all the characteristics that I want. Except the sad parts.) or better than him. Okay lol I sound like I'm desperate for a boyfriend.

My point is, don't 'go with the flow' about your loneliness. You're not alone. Because there's hundred millions of people in this planet is having the same crisis and you're one of them. They cry every night before going to bed like you are. Reading love texts or romantic pictures because they feel they didn't deserve love like that like you are (or not). Hear sad songs because they feel lonely all the time, like you are. Or anything that you feel. Ugh I hope I can find people like this and hug them because well, we're in the same spot. Read the title of this post; even if you are lonely, don't do anything stupid like swallow pills because you feel lonely because of your unattractive presence (how many times do I have to say 'because'?). You're attractive in somebody's eyes and I know about that.

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