Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did I make you feel.. something?


It takes time for me to get back on writing something here. Lost the loads of ideas to express since a lot of hard things going on in real life. But no matter how big it was, I'm still keeping it all in and try not to be over dramatic. And hey, still got the chance to drop by here aight? You know me :)

How's life, people? Don't ask me why I'm asking y'guys. Mine... ups and downs, as usual. But the down moments were little bit harder than I thought but yeah, trying to be cool but unfortunately, end up crying alone in a dark room. My parents, friends are the peoples who push me up harder than before, but I'm expecting the another one person who help them bringing me back. Someone who used to be supportive, someone who used to be understandable. I could not thinking what have happened to him right now that made him changed. I know he is now one of the people who's free from school, and soon to be legal to do such things as driving and living in college while I'm here, stuck in myself. I'm used to be emotional, like now, but I won't asking for more than love, from him after this. Expecting and asking for more is too desperate and heartbreaking.

Other than that, I'm kind of disappointed with him and it's hard to say this since I'm having my ego taking over my mind but I'm disappointed with myself, too. I don't know what to say since I'm too egoistic and mad to tell him by myself for some reasons. I don't want to talk bad stuffs about my own boy but I am too fucking mad about this until I can cry in front of this bloody monitor while typing with this damn keyboard. To avoid controversial things going on, I'll cover it by telling some tips about, yeah you should read. Especially for those who's in a long-distance relationship.

#1 If you're in a serious, long-distance relationship and haven't met for a couple of months, you should be considerate about your girl's/boy's feelings (most of the emotional parts is from the girls. Don't believe me? Check your girl's Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr.). Don't be TOO friendly to people. Nak kawan, okay je. Senang cerita, kalau kau lelaki, jangan add perempuaaan je dekat Facebook (especially kalau add semua perempuan cantik je. Pergh.). Kalau kau perempuan, Jangan nak IM je dengan lelaki.

#2 Send them a very good morning/good night text. If you're working and arrived home at 11 or something liddat, you should text them "Are you still awake?" (text laa sweet sweet, aiyoo). If they reply, don't be like "Ohh gtg, sleepy. Text me goodnight text. Bye." or didn't text at all because you're too fucking sleepy while she's/he's already waiting for you to get home. Lagi kesian if they are sleepy but you're acting like a sdfghjds jerk. Kalau dia macam sabar gila nak mati, please give them kudos. If you're too sleepy, just say that you're too tired and need to sleep or give them night phonecalls ke, chicks digs guys who have sleepy voice. Jangan selalu pulak cakap mengantuk mengantuk, kesian dia.
If they didn't reply, just give them a very sweet goodnight text. Tell them that you missed him/her, and express your feelings laah. Let them know you're there for them. You don't know what have they been through on that day. I repeat, don't be such a jerk.

#3 Don't hide anything. Don't fucking hide anything. Just tell them where you are now, who are you with, or whatever. Maybe for you, it's kind of weird to do such thing. Don't hide anything in Facebook, in Twitter. They'll be a mad stalker when they're missing you so badly. Okay here's a funny story of mine. I knew his Facebook password and I can open it whenever I feel so lonely and suspicious about something. C'mon, if you're a protective girlfriend, you'll know my feelings when you have a boyfriend yang macam open-minded or gatal ke whatever lah. So, for girls yang rajin sangat IM my boyfriend benda benda yang boleh buat I jealous, better watch out. Maybe some of them dah kenal but yeah, just watch out. Tapi kalau sedara ke family, tak kisah haha peace ^^v don't be scared, I won't kill you or something. Just being protective since he didn't pay attention to me right now and luahkan dekat other girls. I am sad. Faham tak?

#4 Make them feel more important and special than your ex. Okay, this one ah.. that's why I've highlighted it with other colour. I'll make this short and simple (which is clearly not short and simple). Don't talk to your ex more than your partner. For example; you replied your partner's texts in a very short message while you're chatting with your ex about everything. Your partner will be so fucking sad and offended because they've waited for you, they also wanted to know about you since they're 'your everything'. If your ex is your bestfriend........ I can't say no more but please, control it. If your partner already know you before your ex (that means y'guys have been friends before going into the next level), think about their feelings. I don't really care if you stick with the 'still friends with ex' statement and you still can be friends like your ex but most of the people say it's not good contacting your ex back because they're your mistakes, they're your past. You know what I mean, right? Yeah, I do contact my ex but I'm still regret about having him as my boyfriend back then. And if I can do such things, I want him to extinct because I want to concentrate with my current relationship but obviously from my own post, my boyfriend isn't concentrate with his current relationship. With me. No hate.

Wow, what a long post. Sighs, I'm expressing this because I don't want people to be sad like me because of this kind of situation. I don't want people to be more sadder than I am. From the girls/boys who got the same situation like I am, please be patient. I know you're disappointed but I know it'll lead to a better place, better situations. Be positive. I have a lot things in mind to say about this but I can't describe it to my fingers. Oh to some people, don't be offended to my post. I was just expressing like all people do.

Till the next post, then! I don't know when's the free time to blog. And I don't have any idea what to type. Hahaha ok ciao.

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