Monday, February 6, 2012

Already gone.

Stuck with a lot of activities, I'm depressed by myself. Rolling on the floor of procrastination and killed myself with tension. Emotionally dead. Naaah, you're probably not understand what I'm trying to say so let's begin with something.. I am dead meat. With high hopes that something bad will NOT happen but yeah, life's too unpredictable. Only Allah knows what's my next plan, what'll happen next and so on. Maybe I'll be dead, like really dead, tomorrow. Who knows? 

Whaaaat don't make the 'Omg did she just mention about death?' face please, my dearies. Pfftshhsh yeaah, like people care when's my funeral kaan? Ye, aku memang tengah emo gila. All I do now is trying to study with hoping that I can catch-up everything for PMR, tuition 3 times a week, cheerleading, piano lessons, and I have a problem with my timetable. I don't have enough sleep, I'm hurting myself, I didn't eat a lot these days. I don't why but I've lost my big appetite.

Oh the good news is, I'm in top 30 for Larian 7's! Tapi malangnya..... cikgu kira sampai 25 je. Boohoo, I am disappointed. But I gave a point to my Rumah Sukan and I am so proud of myself. I feel like, having an improvement on something is gooood. Last year I didn't join the run but I've joined it last two years and it's horrible. Better skip the story. Maybe I should thanks myself and the cheerleaders for making me active again and I'm in high spirit. Next year I'll try harder and get to go up on stage, insyaAllah.

Heyyy I didn't continue my story on Scripted Destiny. Ugh my ideas were fading away and I don't have inspirations!! So far I've tried to sketch anything, and I only share my true sketching skills in my Science notebook. Yeah, I like to draw organs and body parts ha-ha. And I was quite sad that I didn't have money to by DVDs at Speedy store in Plaza Masalam. They sell Harry Potter pins with DVD set, and a full box of the whole Harry Potter movies and it's only RM299+. Kind of cheap, y'know? Ahhhhhhh I want it!! Oh no, I neeed them!!!

Okay, better hit the sack. Tonight is football fever where Chelsea vs. Manchester United//Malaysia vs. Bahrain. I didn't support Chelsea/MU so.... Go HARIMAU MUDA! Okay guys, stay fly. x

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