Saturday, December 31, 2011

Washed out from the shore

Once again, a friendly reminder; it's the last day of 2011. The year that was full of sweet memories, fucked up mistakes, cat fights and friendly helps, trips that will be unforgettable and met new peoples. But I miss 2009 and 2010 more. The years that I have choked with laughter, like 2011 but more 'less worries'. Maybe this year I'll be not fully happy, but eventually someday, someday, I'll be. My dream of keeping my hair longer after it has been cut in 2010 came true! It's not long like flawless girls do but I still can tie it. I love my ponytail hihihi okay shattap. I really do praying for 2012 will be the year that will filled with memories more than this year. No more pain. Okay, less pain. And I'll be facing PMR. Second nightmare. InsyaAllah I can face it. I would love to make a time table since I'm in morning session now. After school, I'll have tuition or besides that, going elsewhere to study with my girls and hanging out. I hope my parents give permission to do so... Alhamdulillah my dad said that there's no need to tension because he gave me permission to score 6A's out of 8. But I'll will work hard and try to not give up to score it. And honestly, I hope I'm alive until 2014 because I've always wanted to go to a prom and gowns with stuffs like that..... hihi ok I'm dreaming. InsyaAllah!

So, what's your 2012 resolutions? Play a music instrument? Try to bake or cook? Still studying? Studying hard like I will? I'm going to be so fucking busy next year and hope if you don't mind if I don't update this blog 'regularly'. I have studies and school activities to maintain, extra-curricular, piano classes, and more. My mom said if I can't cope any of these, she suggested me to drop out from cheerleading. I'll try to be less tension, and InsyaAllah everything's going to be fine. I hope so.

So, my last words for this post;

Happy New Year and best of luck to survive 2012
Hope you guys have a great New Year's Eve party tonight with your love ones.

I wish I can watch fireworks and go to a party.

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