Saturday, December 3, 2011

Part two.

The water starts flow over the bamboos, the wheel, 7 days on every 10 a.m. until the restaurant is closed.

Day 2 (Thursday, 24rd of November)

The day we entered Universal Studios for the whole day! Honestly, at first I'm too lazy to wake up for this. Woke up at 8, bath and blahblahblah, of we go to the place. First, we have our breakfast since my sister were late because spending time in the bath tub and we didn't have our breakfast at the hotel. Almost all of the restaurants in there are totally certificated as halal. But some of the restaurants like a pizza shop (my all time fav) and chinese restaurant is not (almost crying..) but yeah, the foods are one of the greatest thing.

This is my breakfast! Yes it's a kiddie meal and it has been digested well.

The meal was in this lunchbox. It supposed to be carried along for your souvenir but I'm too shy to use. 

May this lunchbox be with the kid who appreciates gifts.

I'm a happy kid again when I got my delicious brunch. Maybe I'm a lil' bit nauseous for ate the spaghetti meatballs with the chocolate milk. First repentance for the day weee.
Okay I know this post were supposed to update before this. But I'm too lazy haaa.
Maybe you'll be fine with pictures ehh?
Yes I look like a hunchback in the pictures because I'm being forced to have pictures with the characters..
by my sister. I want to have pictures by my own! *cries*

 This ride is fooking awesome. Awesome, I tell you. Maybe you've saw the advertisement that the ride will be open at 3rd of December but yeah, I'm the one of the lucky person. If you want to be lucky, go to this place and ride it!! :D

 This is Betty Boop. Weird.

 Why do they put that way? Omg I'm not the one who put it like that like seriously.

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