Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Part one.

Yup, I'm completely unorganized.

Day 1 (Wednesday, 23rd of November)

Went to the petshop for letting my cats stay there. Bought snacks for the non-stop journey. It took 5 hours to get there. Yup, straight to South. Sleep sleep sleep without knowing that people would see me laying my head at the window with my sleepy face (it's hideous) and woke up, we're at the rest stop. My parents were out and went to the toilet, and straight to the stalls, bought some wafitos (it's a glamorous name for a waffle) and teh ais. Yumm I miss that drink.

Look, how happy we are when we got ourselves some food when we woke up.

And then we slept again. We're the sleepyheads. Woke up (again), we arrived at the immigration, stamped our passports and we're out from Malaysia! My dad said the road between Malaysia and Singapore were nothing. There's no country there. "Kalau ada rumah nelayan dekat sini, maybe dia lanun. Hehe." - my dad. We arrived at the Singapore immigration, showed our sleepy faces and we're in Singapore!

The traffic were great at first but an electronic billboard said "Massive traffic jam ahead at *name of a road*". It's different from Malaysia's electronic billboard. Malaysia's billboard? "Layarilah Twitter untuk mengetahui trafik blahblahblah." I mean, do you supposed to open Twitter in the middle of the highway to know the traffic while we're driving? Just tell the freaking conditions of the traffic and it's done. (random fuuuu- rage, gaaah)

This is the massive traffic jam. Wanna know how it felt? Simply seat in the car for 2 hours. Maybe longer than that.

We thought that we'll arrived at the hotel earlier but instead, we've arrived there at 8p.m., something liddat. Checked-in, bags in the room and wallah! Our room is completely, organized hehe.

The view from the balcony is so mesmerizing eventhough it's full of constructions. I can't stand looking at the moving cablecars with the small lightings around them :)

Oh waait.. there's another thing that I'm mesmerized about.

I love our bathroom, actually. Hihi I have a weird habit where I'll be mostly check the bathroom first when we're on a trip. For me, it's to die for okay?

There's a living orchid inside our bathroom. Bathmate, I see? (cocky joke)

We settled down for a few minutes before going out to watch crane dance and have our late dinner. But I'm not settling down when I'm bored.

 My temporary boyfriend, The Bed.

 Yes, I'm that bored okay? That's my body part. Yes. Damn I love their ceiling.


I have my quick bath, and we straight to the sea-view stage. I didn't have pictures there because it's pack of people and uncivilized people. It's different 'lah'. We watched mechanical crane dancing with their water wings. It's interesting, if you haven't watched it. It's romantic, kind of.

This lane, is a shopping heaven. You'll make your pocket empty.

After that, we went straight to Coffee Bean for having our dinner. It's the only food outlet that has halal certificate. I ate fusilli bucati bolognese. Fancy, huh?

Oh there's a charity for kids in Singapore. 8 dollars for one tag, and the money goes to the children. We wished on the tag and hung it on a small Christmas tree. There's a lot of people did it before us, hehe. 

I hope the kid's will be happy with the money. They'll buy gifts for this year's Christmas. Hope they have a splendid holiday :)

We went for a stroll at the area and we actually can't believed that we came to Universal Studios, again.

Ooh I forgot, I found someone.

I saw him everyday (4 days precisely) and he made my day lol :')

Back to the room. It's already 11.47 on that night so we have to sleep immediately. I have my drink in a funky orange glass and went to bed. Yeah I have a picture for that.

How funky is that, huh??

That's it for today. I think you guys were too annoyed with this. Haha.

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