Monday, January 2, 2012

Say you don't want it.

What's up, teenagers of the world? I can't believe it's already 2012. And I'm definitely don't want to think about school. Yes, I'm going to be 15 and I'll be a junior, again. I guess I have to think about it. But I can't wait to meet my friends! And my future classmates will be so awesome. All I know was Nazurah, my bestfriend, will be my classmate ^^ Huda and Afif will also be in my class. Weeee I'll be a happy kid when facing PMR. I hope the teachers aren't mean, but I'll face them since they'll be serious when it comes to teach students who will face PMR.. shit. I want to be organized, for sure! I don't want to be depressed :'(

Lately, I've watched MTV World Stage 2011 on television (a lot, since I've recorded it.) and I don't know why but I'm so emotionally thinking back about that day where I've hung out with my boy and my uncle plus with his dope ass friend. It was fantastically perfect, indeed. I don't have the pictures since the ticket says that cameras are not allowed but my uncle sneak his digital camera in his pocket but the pictures was so... funny. Not appropriate to view here, lol. Obviously from your thoughts about this topic, you can say that I am missing this moments.

Oh hey! Since the school's will opening soon, I think I'll be not updating this blog like usual. Maybe 3 times a week or maybe once a week? The most extreme that will happen is once a month... I'll be post something on this baby. Hope you guys understand me. But I'll be 24/7 on Twitter since I'm using TweetCaster for Android. Or not. Facebook? Kalau dah sekarang pun jarang, apatah lagi nanti. Hehe peace out!

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