Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sun, it's Sunday.

It's raining, the whole afternoon is like so dark and thumps of thunders, lightnings strikes with full of vicious, deathly lines of electricity. The sun was hidden behind the dark clouds, and I'm in my house, watching Smurfs. It's cold for a girl wearing brown shorts and a big, thin t-shirt and a small messy bun at my hair. I wore those and I make that hair do because today is spring cleaning! The computer desk upstairs were arranged. The stuffs that hoarded in the boxes were taken out, and the deserted area were full of dead skin cells that was turned into clumps of grey dusts. Yucks, I'm allergic to dust. Yeah, I'm officially having minor cold right now. As always, I've found a lot of things that reminds me of my primary school, my old friends. I miss back then when I'm absolutely nothing. My front baby teeth were one by one 'disappeared' that time (my Aunt Mama told me some mouse took them when I was asleep because my teeth were so cute) and I'm extremely short. A few hours before, I've found my primary school's sports t-shirt. Damn I'm small, back then I was too hesitated to wear that at school because it was so big for me. Now, I'm hesitate to wear my high-school sports t-shirt because it's big (what comes around, comes around.)

Then I found my book that was used as a game. Zoo Game. You have to 'sign up' (a lot of imaginations back then, a lot of it..) and you can customize your own dream zoo. I've drawn a lot of cute animals (I can show you if you want to) and it's proper cage and stuffs like that. But it each person has limited amount of money. 1 million, I think? Well, it's enough because I gave all of the stuffs in appropriate prices lol. So fun for me to play by myself that time... because I don't give a fuck. I just sit at one place by my own and play in that book. Isn't that cute?

I think I don't want to throw that book into the plastic bag. I think I want to keep it. I can do it again, in my room, alone.. or with Tinkerbell. Yeah, she likes pencils. And books.

Oh my god I can't wait for my room to finish! My mom showed me the plan, and she told me it's kind of huge for a teenage like me. Not trying to be a bragger but I'm so effin' excited! Now I'm living in a rented house with my family for a while. So, I'm feeling the excitement to the max. I'm excited because I'll have a permanent house InsyaAllah. I'm jealous with my friend, having their own room (eventhough some of them were have to share with someone) but they have the nicest room ever. Me so jelly.

Plus, I can't wait to watch movies with my gegurlz and him. My friends (especially Hanish Sheckler) always remind me if we can hang out. But unfortunately I'm having problems with my schedule (beat up a business man's schedule) and Rasyid will start his job at Jusco Bukit Raja next two weeks. Nevermind, I'll reschedule and yes, I need some time with my friends before next year. I'm a PMR candidate, yikes!

He's like Justin Bieber. Totally random, I know.

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