Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take it or leave it.

Why oh why do they have to be so cute? Hnngg

Due to the busy thangs, I didn't get the chance to update this blog and I'm apologizing about that folks.
The school holiday at Hong Kong was superb. I really want to tell you about the whole journey but I'm out of ideas and if I tell you, you might end up sleeping in front of ze computer, leaving your Tumblr alone. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Yesterday, Hanis and Kamilia didn't come to school so that's just major bored. Science, Kemahiran Hidup and Bahasa Malaysia results came out and I didn't score well but it's cool and I'm just proud of myself because I've made an improvement in Bahasa Malaysia. Science, no comment. Kemahiran Hidup? Well, it's okay. I'm frustrated about the marks even though they're okay. If there's no extra marks, I'll get under 60% or something.

Today, I've got Maths, it's sucks. Real. Hard. Well y'know, I didn't have the Maths swag so I'm having a hard time to cope on Maths and I really need to focus next time. Teehee. Oooh and English. I got the highest mark in class for English! *shrieks* I don't mean to brag but, when y'guys have achieved something that highest among the rest, you must be proud right? Well, I am. It's still need some improvement but Alhamdulillah, good for this year.

So let's see;
                      Science                : 72% B
                      Kemahiran Hidup : Don't remember, zzzz
                      Bahasa Melayu    :  74% B
                      Maths                  : 47% D -.-
                      English                 : 82% A

Well that's for now, hihi.
By the way, I have a new pet now! A kitten. Actually he's still a baby (yes it's a male) and this stupid family dumped him at Guardian (A pharmacy and convenient store and it's near from my tuition center) and they separate him from his mother. Poor baby, he still needs milk from his mother. I can't understand why they do that. What if their children get separated from them? He's cute though, I really can't understand.

As I have said before (I have deleted a lot of the long posts that really bugs me out, sorry for the inconvenience guys), I really have a lot of pet, before this. But now I have a kitten and a pair of rabbits. I'll be responsible after this!

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